We take pride in outstanding parental and community support, our comprehensive curriculum, and our very passionate teachers!  At St. Joseph Catholic Academ, we meet the needs of every student and strive to prepare our children for life!  Children learn responsibility, loyalty, cooperation, generosity, compassion, hard-work and service to one another.  Our Christ-like attitude permeates all that we do.  People often comment that our school has a "family-type" atmosphere.  Just like a family, we take care of each other, protect one another, and encourage one another to be the best we can be.  


I can confidently write all of the above words, because I KNOW St. Joseph is the best place for most children.  My husband and I raised four children who are strong, upstanding, Catholic young men and women.  Those same four children attended St. Joseph Catholic Academy.


‚ÄčI also KNOW that the teachers, staff, and administration dedicate their lives to raising our young leaders of tomorrow because I was also a teacher at St. Joseph Catholic Academy for nine years.  The families, staff, and students are here at St. Joseph because God has chosen them to be a part of our ministry.  How blessed we are to have the beautiful school family that we have.  Working together we provide the very best experience for your children.


May God continue to bless our current families as we take our journey together.  Perhaps you are the NEXT family that will join ours.  If so, we are overjoyed that God has led you to this great Catholic Institution.  Please feel free to call me at:




email at:


for any questions or information you may need.


I look forward to visiting with you !


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