An update from the principal


Students & teachers are hard at work and our year is unfolding in a wonderful way. The support from our families is amazing as all are coming together to plan our huge upcoming fundraiser, Beer & BBQ to be held October 15th. 

Our 1st ever "Grandparent's Day" was wonderfully successful on September 9th. Grandparents and special guests joined us for Mass and coffee & donuts. 

The 5-8th graders took a field trip to our neighboring business "The NewsLeader" and learned a lot about writing and printing so they can design our own," St. Joe's Gazette."  

Exploration Stations, a NEW and exciting program at St. Joseph began last week. Modeled after College Courses, students chose the classes they were interested in and are able to explore, create, design, and learn about science, civics, art, photography, cooking, archery, crafts, drama, music, and other cultures. For more information or to visit/tour call 866.0667.

Mrs. Johnson