St. Joseph Academy

2014-2015 Student Supply List


Seventh and Eighth Grade


1 box Crayons (24 count)                                           1 Calculator

Washable Markers                                                      Roll of paper towels

Scissors                                                                      2 highlighters

3 Boxes of tissue (25 count)                                       Roll of Scotch tape

1 zippered pencil case or pouch                                 2 bottle of Elmer's glue

4 pkgs. notebook paper                                               Colored pencils

4 pkgs. of #2 wooden pencils                                      1 large Clorox wipes

Ruler  (12 inch with metric)                                          6 Jumbo Book covers

1 bag of eraser caps                                                    Assignment notebook

3 glue sticks                                                                 Personal size hand sanitizer

7 - pocket, expanding folder                                         Pencil Sharpener

1 art box                                                                        1 box Gallon - size Ziploc bags

Red ink Pens

2 pack dry erase markers

2 permanent black sharpies / 1 thin line marker

1 notebook for Spanish

1 flash drive (labeled with name and attached to a lanyard)

NO Trapper Keepers, please - they do not fit in our desks. 



7th & 8th Grade Band

Instrument in good working condition and care supplies (oils, grease and good reeds with no chips). Size #2 1/2 or 3 reeds for clarinets and saxophones.

Band Books:  ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS 2000 - Book 3 (Aqua Book) and 


A 3-Ring Binder with at least 15 pages to store music and Practice Records

Pencil in horn case or folder (NO ink pens, please)  



Reminder:    "Back in the Game Night" is August 12th.

                     School begins August 14th.  

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